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 Chicago Miniature part number inventory

Chicago Miniature Part Number List Page
Click on the part below to purchase, for spec sheets, or for more information. Call (or use our chat feature) if you are looking for one that is not on the list.

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1030D1 1030D3 1030D4 1030QD1 1030QD3 1030QD4
1031D1 1031D4 1031QD1 1031QD3 1031QD4 1032D5
1032QD5 1033QD5 1050A1 1050A2 1050A3 1050A4
1050C2 1050C3 1050C4 1050N1 1050N2 1050N3
1050N4 1050N5 1050QA1 1050QA2 1050QA3 1050QA4
1050QC1 1050QC3 1050QC4 1050QN3 1051A1 1051A2
1051A3 1051A4 1051C2 1051C3 1051C4 1051QA1
1051QA3 1051QA4 1051QC1 1051QC3 1051QC4 1052A5
1052A6 1052C5 1052N5 1052QA5 1052QC5 1053A5
1053A6 1053C5 1053QA5 1053QA6 1053QC5 1080
1090A1 1090A1-12V 1090A1-28V 1090A3 1090A3-12V 1090A3-28V
1090A4 1090A4-12V 1090A5 1090A5-12V 1090A5-28V 1090A6
1090C1 1090C1-28V 1090C3 1090C3-12V 1090C3-28V 1090C4
1090C4-12V 1090C4-28V 1090C5 1090C5-12V 1090C5-28V 1090D1
1090D1-12V 1090D3 1090D3-12V 1090D4 1090D5 1090D5-12V
1090D5-28V 1090N1 1090N3 1090N4 1090N5 1090QA1
1090QA1-28V 1090QA3 1090QA3-28V 1090QA4 1090QA4-28V 1090QA5
1090QA6 1090QC1 1090QC1-12V 1090QC1-28V 1090QC3 1090QC3-28V
1090QC4 1090QC5 1090QC5-12V 1090QC5-28V 1091M1 1091M1-125VAC
1091M1-12V 1091M5 1091M5-125VAC 1091M5-12V 1091M7 1091M7-12V
1091M7-24V 1091QM1 1091QM1-12V 1091QM1-24V 1091QM5 1091QM7
1091QM7-24V 1091QMX1-24V 1091QMX5-24V 120MB 120PSB 1252
12PSB 131A-304G 131A-304R 1829 2110A1 2110A2
2110A3 2110A4 2110QA1 2110QA2 2110QA3 2110QA4
2111A1 2111A2 2111A3 2111A4 2111QA1 2111QA2
2111QA3 2111QA4 2112A5 2112A6 2112AX5 2112QA5
2113A5 2113A6 2113QA5 2120A1 2120A3 2120A4
2121A1 2121A3 2121A4 2150A1 2150A2 2150A3
2150A4 2150QA1 2150QA3 2150QA4 2151A1 2151A2
2151A3 2151A4 2151QA1 2151QA2 2151QA3 2151QA4
2152A5 2152QA5 2153A5 2182 2191L1 2191L1-12V
2191L1-24V 2191L5 2191L5-12V 2191L5-24V 2191L7 2191L7-12V
2191L7-24V 2191QL1 2191QL1-24V 2191QL5 2191QL5-12V 2191QL5-24V
2191QL7 2191QL7-12V 2191QU1 2191QU5 2191QU7 2191U1
2191U1-12V 2191U1-24V 2191U5 2191U5-12V 2191U5-24V 2191U7
2191U7-12V 2191U7-24V 2194A1 2194A1-28V 2194A3 2194A3-12V
2194A3-28V 2194A4 2194A5 2194A5-12V 2194A5-28V 2195A1
2195A1-12V 2195A1-28V 2195A3 2195A4 2195A5 2195A5-28V
2195QA5-12V 2330D1 2330D3 2330D4 2330QD1 2330QD3
2330QD4 2332D5 2332QD5 2390QD1 2390QD1-28V 2390QD3
2390QD3-28V 2390QD4 2390QD5 2390QD5-28V 24PSB 2620K1
2620K3 2620K4 2620K5 2620QK1 2620QK3 2620QK4
2620QK5 2620T1 2621T1 2621T3 2622K5 2622QK5
2622T5 2623T5 2660T1 2803 2803A1 2803A2
2803A3 2803A4 2803A5 2803A6 2803A7 2803C1
2803C2 2803C3 2803C4 2803C5 2803C6 2803C7
2803DA-120V 2803DA-12V 2803DA-24V 2803DB-120V 2803DB-12V 2803DB-24V
2803DC-120V 2803DC-12V 2803DC-24V 2803DG-120V 2803DG-12V 2803DG-24V
2803DR-120V 2803DR-12V 2803DR-24V 2803DW-120V 2803DW-12V 2803DW-24V
2803DY-120V 2803DY-12V 2803DY-24V 2803FA-120V 2803FA-12V 2803FA-24V
2803FB-120V 2803FB-12V 2803FB-24V 2803FC-120V 2803FC-12V 2803FC-24V
2803FG-120V 2803FG-12V 2803FG-24V 2803FR-120V 2803FR-12V 2803FR-24V
2803FW-120V 2803FW-12V 2803FW-24V 2803FY-120V 2803FY-12V 2803FY-24V
2811 2812 2813 2814 2815 2816
2817 2851 2852 2853 2854 2855
2856 2857 28PSB 2990D1-12V 2990D1-28V 2990D1-6V
2990D3-12V 2990D3-28V 2990D3-6V 2990D4-12V 2990D4-28V 2990D4-6V
2990D5-12V 2990D5-28V 2990D5-6V 2990D6-12V 2990D6-28V 2990D6-6V
2990P1-28V 2990P1-6V 2990P3-12V 2990P3-28V 2990P3-6V 2990P4-12V
2990P4-28V 2990P4-6V 2990P5-28V 2990P5-6V 2990P6-12V 2990P6-28V
2990P6-6V 3062D1 3062D2 3062D3 3062D4 3062D5
3062D6 3062D7 3062SA-120V 3062SA-12V 3062SA-24V 3062SA-48V
3062SA-6V 3062SB-120V 3062SB-12V 3062SB-24V 3062SB-48V 3062SB-6V
3062SC-120V 3062SC-12V 3062SC-24V 3062SC-48V 3062SC-6V 3062SG-120V
3062SG-12V 3062SG-24V 3062SG-48V 3062SG-6V 3062SR-120V 3062SR-12V
3062SR-24V 3062SR-48V 3062SR-6V 3062SW-120V 3062SW-12V 3062SW-24V
3062SW-48V 3062SW-6V 3062SY-120V 3062SY-12V 3062SY-24V 3062SY-48V
3062SY-6V 3121 3122 3123 3124 3125
3126 3127 327 328 37 382
385 387 388 3990A1 3990A5 3990A7
4300F1LC 4300F5LC 4300F7LC 4300H1LC 4300H5LC 4300H7LC
4300T1LC 4300T5LC 4300T7LC 4301H1/1 4301H5/5 4301H7/7
4302F1-12V 4302F1-5V 4302F3-12V 4302F3-5V 4302F5-12V 4302F5-5V
4302H1-12V 4302H1-5V 4302H3-12V 4302H3-5V 4302H5-12V 4302H5-5V
4302T3-5V 4302T5-5V 4303F1 4303F3 4303F5 4303F6-1
4303F7 4303MC 4304H1 4304H3 4304H4 4304H5
4304H6-1 4304H7 4304H75 4304H91 4304H93 4304H95
4304H96 4305H1 4305H5 4305H7 4307T1 4307T3
4307T7 4308CH1 4308CH5 4308CH7 4308H1 4308H41
4308H5 4308H7 4310CH1 4310H1/5 4310H31 4311
4312 4315 4318F1 4318F5 4318F7 4342
4361H1/5 4368C1/5/6 4368D1/5/6 4380H1 4380H1-12V 4380H5-12V
4380H7-12V 4381H1FL 4382H1 4382H10 4382H16 4382H31
4382H41 4382H5 4382H6 4382H7 4383H1 4383H1FL
4383H4 4383H5 4383H6 4383H6FL 4383H7 4406C4
4406D1 4406D5 4406D6 4406D7 4611 4611FA-12V
4611FA-28V 4611FA-6V 4611FB-12V 4611FB-28V 4611FB-6V 4611FG-12V
4611FG-28V 4611FG-6V 4611FR-12V 4611FR-28V 4611FR-6V 4611FW-12V
4611FW-28V 4611FW-6V 4611FY-12V 4611FY-28V 4611FY-6V 4611RA-12V
4611RA-28V 4611RA-6V 4611RB-12V 4611RB-28V 4611RB-6V 4611RG-12V
4611RG-28V 4611RG-6V 4611RR-12V 4611RR-28V 4611RR-6V 4611RW-12V
4611RW-28V 4611RW-6V 4611RY-12V 4611RY-28V 4611RY-6V 4621
4623 4624 4625 4626 4627 4631
4633 4634 4635 4636 4637 47
48PSB 4925H1 4999-002 4999-003 503 5054A-1
5100-822 5100-824 5100H1 5100H1/5 5100H1FL 5100H1FL-12V
5100H1LC 5100H3 5100H5 5100H5FL 5100H5FL-12V 5100H5LC
5100H6 5100H7 5100H7FL-12V 5100H7LC 5102H1-12V 5102H1-5V
5102H3-12V 5102H3-5V 5102H5-12V 5102H5-5V 5110F1 5110F1-12V
5110F1-5V 5110F3 5110F3-12V 5110F3-5V 5110F5 5110F5-12V
5110F5-5V 5110F6 5110F7 5111F1 5131-038 5139-038
5160-458 5300H1 5300-H1 5300H1LC 5300H5 5300-H5
5300H5LC 5300H7 5300-H7 5302H1-5V 5302H3-5V 5302H5-5V
5350T1 5380H1 5380H5 5380H7 5400A1 5400A5
5400A7 6010M1 6010M3 6010QM1 6010QM3 6011M1
6011QM1 6011QM3 6012M5 6013QM5 6039-004-304G 6039-004-304R
6063-001-534 6063-001-534R 6063-001-634 6063-001-634R 6073-001-534 6073-001-534R
6073-001-634A 6073-001-634G 6073-001-634R 6091M7-12V 6091M7-24V 6091QM1-12V
6091QM1-24V 6091QM5-12V 6091QM5-24V 6091QM7-12V 6091QM7-24V 60PSB
6839 6PSB 7010X1 7010X11 7010X3 7010X5
7010X7 7011X1/17 7011X1/5 7011X5/7 7012X1 7012X13
7012X5 7016X1 7016X13 7016X3 7016X5 73
755 756 757 85 86 8-967
8-A234 900-200 B2A B3990A1 B3990A5 B3990A7
B4300F1LC B4300F5LC B4300F7LC B4300H1LC B4300H5LC B4300H7LC
B4300T1LC B4300T5LC B4300T7LC B4301F1/5 B4301H1/5 B4302F1-12V
B4302F1-5V B4302F3-12V B4302F3-5V B4302F5-12V B4302F5-5V B4302H1-12V
B4302H1-12V-5PK B4302H1-5V B4302H3-12V B4302H3-12V-5PK B4302H3-5V B4302H5-12V
B4302H5-12V-5PK B4302H5-5V B4303F1 B4303F1-10PK B4303F1-25PK B4303F3
B4303F3-10PK B4303F3-25PK B4303F5 B4303F5-10PK B4303F5-25PK B4303F6-1
B4303F6-10PK B4303F7 B4303F7-10PK B4303F7-25PK B4304H1 B4304H1-10PK
B4304H1-25PK B4304H3 B4304H3-10PK B4304H3-25PK B4304H4 B4304H5
B4304H5-10PK B4304H5-25PK B4304H6-1 B4304H6-10PK B4304H7 B4304H7-10PK
B4304H7-25PK B4304H75 B4304H75-5PK B4304H91 B4304H91-5PK B4304H93
B4304H93-5PK B4304H95 B4304H95-5PK B4304H96 B4304H96-5PK B4307T1
B4307T3 B4307T5 B4307T7 B4308CH1 B4308CH5 B4308CH7
B4308H41 B4310CH1 B4310H1/5 B4310H31 B4318F1 B4318F5
B4318F7 B4361H1/5 B4361L1/5 B4368C1/5/6 B4368D1/5/6 B4380H1-12V
B4380H5-12V B4380H7-12V B4381H1FL B4382H1 B4382H10 B4382H1-5PACK
B4382H16 B4382H31 B4382H41 B4382H5 B4382H5-5PACK B4382H6
B4382H6-5PACK B4382H7 B4382H7-5PACK B4383H1 B4383H1FL B4383H4
B4383H5 B4383H6 B4383H6FL B4383H7 B4406C4 B4406D1
B4406D5 B4406D6 B4406D7 B5100H1 B5100H1/5 B5100H1FL-12V
B5100H1LC B5100H3 B5100H5 B5100H5FL-12V B5100H5LC B5100H6
B5100H7 B5100H7FL-12V B5100H7LC B5102H1-12V B5102H1-5V B5102H3-12V
B5102H3-5V B5102H5-12V B5102H5-5V B5110F1 B5110F1-12V B5110F1-5V
B5110F3 B5110F3-12V B5110F3-5V B5110F5 B5110F5-12V B5110F5-5V
B5110F6 B5110F7 B5111F1 BCMD204UWC BCMD204UWC-5PK BCMD333UWC
CMD264UBD CMD333UWC CMD333UWC-H74 CMD3350 CMD3450 CMD3750
CMD383UBC CMD383UBC/H2 CMD50154 CMD5053 CMD5054A-1 CMD5055
CMD5074C CMD5075C CMD5152 CMD53124A CMD5352 CMD5353
CMD5354A CMD5374C CMD54123 CMD54124A CMD54154 CMD5452
CMD5453 CMD54643 CMD5474C CMD57123 CMD57124A CMD5752
CMD5753 CMD5754A CMD5774C CMD5777C CMD64531 CMD67-21SRC
HLMP0503 HLMP1340 HLMP3300 HLMP3301 HLMP3750A HLMP3850A
HLMP3950A HLMP4700