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 Extech Instruments

Extech Instruments Logo kinking to all Extech meters and testers Extech Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of handheld test and measurement instruments worldwide. Founded in 1971, Extech is known for its innovation in providing instruments with unique combinations of features that make them highly useful and very convenient.

Their products are used in a wide variety of markets which includes Cable Testers, Calibrators, Clamp-on Meters, Electrical Testers, Fiber Optic Meters, Lab Instruments, Light Meters, MultiMeters, Sound Meters, Thermometers, and other kinds of meters. The breadth of the product lines ensures that there is exactly a right model whether the need is basic repetitive testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting, or advanced measurements for design and engineering. The in-house calibration laboratory provides Certificates of Traceability to NIST on almost all of the products. The service team offers full repair services and a large inventory of spare parts for fast turnaround and quick delivery.


Testers and Meters
  • Airflow Meters - Call
  • Cable Testers - Call
  • Calibrators - Call
  • Clamp-on Meters - Call
  • Controllers/Panel Meters - Call
  • Counting Scales - Call
  • Dataloggers - Call
  • Electrical Testers - Call
  • Fiber Optic Meters - Call
  • Force/Torque/Vibration - Call
  • Gas Analyzers/Testers - Call
  • Humidity Meters - Call
  • Lab Instruments - Call
  • Light Meters - Call
  • MultiMeters - Call
  • Test Kits - Call
  • Power Analyzers - Call
  • Power Supplies - Call
  • Pressure Meters - Call
  • Refractometers - Call
  • Sound Meters - Call
  • Specialty Meters - Call
  • Tachometers/Stroboscopes - Call
  • Thermometers - Call
  • Viscotesters - Call
  • Water Quality Meters - Call
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    overstock and special low priced items, prices while supply lasted

    Product Spotlight
    PS-1270-F1 - 7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    $24.44 MORE INFO
    More Power-sonic

    R28-11A10-120K - Time Delay Relay - 10AMP - A/C 120V - 0.1 to 10 sec Delays
    Time Delay Relay - 10AMP - A/C 120V - 0.1 to 10 sec Delays
    $103.44 MORE INFO
    More NTE

    W28-XT1A-15 - Snap-in mounting, Push-to-reset Circuit Breaker Relay
    Snap-in mounting, Push-to-reset Circuit Breaker Relay
    $0.00 MORE INFO

    NDS-8F - 8 Pin Octal Base Finger Proof Relay Socket
    8 Pin Octal Base Finger Proof Relay Socket
    $19.50 MORE INFO
    More Sky Electronics

    77-9225A120 -  	Cooling Fan, 100-125VAC, 92 x 92 x 25mm
    Cooling Fan, 100-125VAC, 92 x 92 x 25mm
    $90.69 MORE INFO
    More NTE

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