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LEDs > NTE LEDs > NTE Panel Indicator

 NTE Panel Indicator Page

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Part Number Description Acrobat Specs Images
NTE3012A LED-Red Diffused 5mm

NTE3013A LED-Red 5mm Clear Red Jewel Lens

NTE3014A LED-5mm Green Clear Green Lens 40mcd

NTE3015A LED-5mm Green Clear Green Jewel Lens

NTE3016A LED Panel Indicator, Dual Color, Red or Green
NTE3020 LED-5mm Red Diffused

NTE3021 LED-5mm Yellow Diffused Lens 50mcd Low Power Consumption Long Life

NTE3022 LED-5mm Red Diffused Lens 60mcd Low Power Consumption Long Life

NTE3023 LED-5mm Orange Diffused

NTE3024 LED-5mm Green Diffused

NTE3025 LED-5mm Red Diffused

NTE3026 LED Panel Indicator, Tri-State, Red or Green