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Concord has grown steadily over the years, so has its product line. Thier line include power transformers, chassis mount power transformers, "side-winder" transformer, printed circuit transformers, power supplies - wall plug-in & desktop, auto/isolation transformers, class 2 transformers, disc thermostats, relays and contactors.
Power Transformers
  • Single Secondary
  • Single Primary, Dual Secondaries
  • Single Primary, Multiple Secondaries
  • Dual Primary, Dual Secondaries
  • Filter Chokes
  • Chassis Mount Power Transformers
  • TransGlobal Transformer
  • "Side-Winder" Transformer
  • Impedance Matching Transformers
  • Miniature Encapsulated
  • Printed Circuit Transformers
  • TransGlobal Printed Circuit Mount
  • "Low Boy" LB Series
  • "Side-Winder" SW/DSW Series
  • Plug-In Printed Circuit Series
  • Power Sources Wall Plug-In/Desktop
  • Domestic
  • Auto/Isolation Transformers
  • Step-Down Transformers
  • Step-Up Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers Class 2 Transformers
  • Class 2 Transformers
  • Disc Thermostats
  • Snap Action Thermostats
  • Relays and Contactors
  • D.C. Power Contactors Type 70
  • D.C. Power Contactors Type 120
  • D.C. Power Contactors Type 124
  • D.C. Power Contactors Type 586
  • D.C. Power Contactors Type 686
  • General Purpose Relays 184-Series
  • General Purpose Relays 91-Series
  • A.C. Power Relays 129-Series
  • A.C. Power Contactors 122-Series
  • A.C. Power Contactors 154-Series

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    Product Spotlight
    G1068 - Grey ABS Utility Box -  3.7
    Grey ABS Utility Box - 3.7" x 1.9" x 1.5"
    $3.40 MORE INFO
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    D50-120/240HD - 50kA industrial surge protector, 120/240-1 VAC
    50kA industrial surge protector, 120/240-1 VAC
    $0.00 MORE INFO
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    BA2032 - Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
    Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
    $1.40 MORE INFO
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    54-301E - Miniature Bat Handle Switch, SPDT, 5A, 120VAC, ON-NONE-(ON), Epoxy Sealed
    Miniature Bat Handle Switch, SPDT, 5A, 120VAC, ON-NONE-(ON), Epoxy Sealed
    $2.55 MORE INFO
    More NTE

    XY-200GX-30 - Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
    Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
    $30.36 MORE INFO
    More Xytronic

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