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 Tech Spray Electronic Chemical

Tech Spray, is one of the world's largest producers of chemical cleaners and anti-static solutions. Within it's market, it is one of the few firms in the U.S. that exports rather than imports. The company manufactures 160 different aerosol products as well as producing bulk chemical blends. Their products are used primarily for protection, cleaning, coating, anti-static protection, and lubricating during production, quality control, and field service operations.

 Tech Spray Products

1600 Series - Cleaners, Degreasers
1600 Series - Defluxers, Dusters, Freeze Spray
1700 Series - Static Control
1800 Series - Desoldering Braid, Solder Fault Marker
1900 Series - Equipment and Specialty Products
2000 Series - Brushes
2100 Series - Coatings
2200 Series - Temporary Solder Masks
2300 Series - Swabs and Wipes
2400 Series - Lubricants
2500 Series - Adhesives, Trace Technologies Pens
3500 Series - Techspray® Industrial Adhesives

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Product Spotlight
DTK-WH8PLUS - Whole House Surge Protection Kit
Whole House Surge Protection Kit
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XY-200GX-20 - Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
$30.36 MORE INFO
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SKKPA-2C-120VAC - 10A plug-in, DPDT, 120VAC, Octal Base Relay
10A plug-in, DPDT, 120VAC, Octal Base Relay
$30.62 MORE INFO
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TMEV1.25-3.5 - 22-16 Wire Red Vinyl Ring Soderless terminals, 6 Stud Size
22-16 Wire, Red Vinyl Ring Soderless terminals, 6 Stud Size
$86.89 MORE INFO
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BH325PC - Two AA Size Battery Holders
Two AA Size Battery Holders
More Frontline Battery Holders

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