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 Desoldering Stations

Hakko FM-2022 Parallel Remover

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The FM-2022 features revolutionary PARALLEL ACTION (patent pending) and quick change composite tips that provide superior heat transfer and thermal recovery at any temperature. Adjustable temperature eliminates the need to purchase additional tips just to change temperature, reducing your total cost of inventory. Building on the FM-202 allows use of an industry first process gate that identifies the tip set being used and configures the station accordingly to ensure tip temperature accuracy. Additional features included through the FM-202 are auto shutoff, and low temperature alarm, all in a modular ESD safe design.
  • Parallel Action (patent pending)
  • Process Gate identifies tip set in use and ensures accuracy of tip temperature
  • Superior Thermal Recovery
  • Automatic Power Shut-off
  • Low Temperature Alarm
  • Lock Out Control of set temperature
  • Connector LED indicating device is on
  • Modular Design
  • Ergonomic grip
  • ESD safe by design.
  • Hakko 472D Desoldering Tool

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    Desoldering process control made easy with the Hakko control card. The Hakko 472D comes with a control card. Use the card to enter temperature settings into the system memory. When the card is removed, all parameter settings and the temperature setting are "locked" in the system memory. This not only provides strict process control but also guards against operators making inadvertent changes.
  • The Hakko 472D provides a pencil-type desoldering tool with powerful suction power.
  • The short straight heating element aids in ease of operation
  • The output circuit is isolated from the power input and insulated transformer.
  • ESD Safe by design.
  • Zero crossover switching on motor.
  • Hakko 808 Desoldering Tool

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    It is a handy, portable desoldering tool with a built-in vacuum pump. No separate station is required.
  • Thin, comfortable grip and low vibration
  • Simple and inexpensive pump maintenance.
  • Tip-to-ground potential difference no greater than 2mV.
  • Tip-to-ground resistance no greater than 2 ohms.
  • Adjustable temperature control (380°C - 480°C / 715°F - 895°F).
  • Hakko Mach-FP Desoldering Iron

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  • The economical iron for SMD desoldering.
  • The ceramic heating element provides faster heat transmission and excellent insulation.
  • An insulation factor of over 100M ohms can be maintained even during use.

  • **Specifications subject to changes**
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