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 Stick Irons

Hakko Matchless Irons

For more details, click below

Check Pricing for 551V-V12
Check Pricing for 557V-V12

  • Large heavy duty iron
  • Power switch built right into the handle
  • Great for large, high mass objects
  • Hakko 455-456 Soldering Irons

    For more details, click below

    Check Pricing for 455
    Check Pricing for 456

  • Both the Hakko 455 and 456 incorporate a ceramic heating element, which provides a longer service life than the conventional nichrome-iron element.
  • Alloy-coated iron tips ensure long-lasting protection from corrosion
  • The Hakko 455 is perfect for soldering tuners, inverters, and similar small components
  • The Hakko 456 is ideal for soldering chassis, dynamos, large harnesses, transformers and other large components and assemblies
  • Hakko Mach-I Soldering Irons

    For more details, click below

    Check Pricing for 918M-V12
    Check Pricing for 920M-V12
    Check Pricing for 921M-V12
    Check Pricing for 922M-V12

    These series of irons features faster heat transmission for quicker heating. Quicker heating means faster start-up as well as faster thermal recovery during high volume soldering operation. This, in turn, gives a greater improvement in workefficiency.

    Faster thermal recovery also permits lower tip temperatures, which reduce the possibilityof damage to boards and components; prevents seizing; reduces the temperature of the handles and extends tip life. The ideal soldering temperature is maintained constantly for perfect results every time. The highly insulated ceramic heater prevents overheating, which can damage IC boards.

    Hakko Dash Soldering Irons

    For more details, click below

    Check Pricing for N452JN-V12
    Check Pricing for N453JN-V12
    Check Pricing for N454JN-V12

    Compact, lightweight design with a slender handle for a more comfortable grip.

    The rod-type ceramic heater provides high insulation and reduces the handle-to-tip distance for faster soldering with a minimum of motion.

    The special alloy heating element is printed in the alumina ceramic insulating layer, then sintered to the ceramic main body. This completely seals the heating element from air, thus protecting it from oxidation. You are ensured years of trouble-free use.

    **Specifications subject to changes**
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