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 Hasco Electrmechanical Relays

UJ / UJJ Series Mini Power Relays, 15A(1C), 10A(2C)
UJ / UJJ Series Mini Power Relays, 15A(1C), 10A(2C) image Features
  • Compact size and low profile: 5H x 14L x 9W
  • Meets FCC part 68 requirements
  • High sensitivity: 140 mW nominal operating power
  • Dual-in line packaging arrangement fits IC socket
  • Single and double coil latching type available
  • Fully sealed (immersion cleanable)
  • UL/CSA

  • RU File E75887 and CSA File LR49291
    Refrigerators, Building control system, Office machines, Medical equipment,
    Power station control equipment, etc.

    Type & Arrangement UJ-1(1a, 1c) UJ-2(2a, 2c)
    Item R load
    (p.f. = 1)
    L load
    (p.f. = 0.4)
    R load
    (p.f. = 1)
    L load
    (p.f. = 0.4)
    Rated load 15A 120V AC
    15A 24V DC
    10A 120V AC
    7A 24VDC
    10A 120V AC
    10A 24V DC
    7.5A 120V AC
    5A 24V DC
    Carry current 15A 10A
    Max. operating voltage 250V AC, 120V DC
    Max. operating current 15A 10A
    Max. switching capacity 1,800VA, 360W 1,200VA, 168W 1,200VA, 240W 900VA, 120W
    Material AgCdO
    Contact resistance Less than 50mOhms (initial value)

    (+/-10% at 20ºC)
    Rated Current
    (+/-10% at 20ºC)
    Voltage (Max.)
    Voltage (min.)
    Voltage (Max.)
    operating power
    6V DC 40 Ohms 150 mA 4.8V DC 0.6V DC 6.6V DC Approx 0.9W
    12V DC 160 Ohms 75mA 9.6V DC 1.2V DC 13.2V DC
    24V DC 650 Ohms 37mA 19.2V DC 2.4V DC 26.4V DC
    48V DC 2600 Ohms 18.5mA 38.4V DC 4.8V DC 52.8V DC
    110V DC 11,000 Ohms 10mA 88V DC 11V DC 121V DC
    6V DC 10.5 Ohms 183mA 4.8V DC 1.8V DC 6.6V DC Approx 1.2W
    12V AC 43 Ohms 95mA 9.6V AC 3.6V AC 13.2V AC
    24V AC 160 Ohms 56mA 19.2V AC 7.2V AC 26.4V AC
    48V AC 668 Ohms 26mA 38.4V AC 14.4V AC 52.8V AC
    110V AC 3530 Ohms 11mA 88V AC 33V AC 121V AC
    120V AC 4560 Ohms 10mA 96V AC 36V AC 132V AC
    220V AC 13920 Ohms 6.8mA 176V AC 66V AC 242V AC
    *Coil resistance varies +/- 0.4% for each +/- 1ºC change in coil temperature
    *The range of coil current for AC relay is +/- 15%. For DC relay it is +/- 10% at 20ºC

    Part Builder and Ordering Information

    Sample Ordering Information
    Available with top or bottom flange mount

    Ordering Information

    Operate time 25 msec. max. (AC, DC)
    Release time 25 msec. max. (AC, DC)
    Breakdown voltage 1,000V AC (60 Hz) for 1 minute between open contacts
    1,500V AC (60 Hz) for 1 minute between coil and contacts
    Insulation Resistance More than 100 M Ohms at 500V DC
    Vibration resistance 10~55 Hz at double amplitude of 1 mm
    Shock resistance 20G min.
    Ambient temperature range -20ºC ~ +40ºC
    Operating speed 1,800 operations/hour
    Life Mechanical Over 10,000,000 operations
    Electrical (R load) Over 500,000 operations (UJ-2), Over 200,000 operations (UJ-1)
    Weight Approx. 35 g

    Dimensions and Schematics (Unit:mm)
      Bottom view P.C.B. pattern Schematic Outline
    UJ-1 Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions
    UJ-2 Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions

    DIMENSIONS/UNIT mm(inch)

    **Specifications subject to changes**
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