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Buzzers > Intervox > Piezo Buzzers - External Drive, Dual Control

 Piezo Buzzers - External Drive, Dual Control

Intervox Piezo Buzzers - External Drive, Dual Control image Piezo Electric Buzzers with - External Drive, Dual Control were created to provide the ultimate in buzzer science while drawing lower current than other technologies. Distinctive in virtually any environment, these buzzers feature a level of reliability, efficiency and clear, penetrating sound quality that is second to none. They are offered in lightweight compact sizes from the smallest diameter of 12 mm to large piezo electric sounders. Ideal for applications such as Alarms, Medical Instruments, PC computers, Toys, etc.

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Part NumberOper. Freq. (Hz) Capacitance @ 120Hz/1V(±30%) (uF)Oper. Volt. Continuous Sine Wave/Square Wave Oper. Volt. Intermittent Sine Wave/Square Wave SPL Square Wave (dB) Min SPL Sine Wave Min Oper. Temp.
BRP3007P-D 2000 - 6000 0.200 85Vp-p/50Vp-p 100Vp-p/60Vp-p 85@5.5KHz@3m/18Vp-p 82@5.5KHz@3m/18Vp-p -40° to +105°C
BRP4514T-D 2200 - 4000 0.235 85Vp-p/50Vp-p 100Vp-p/60Vp-p 102@3.0KHz@30cm/12Vp-p 100@3.0KHz@30cm/12Vp-p-40° to +105°C
BRP5217P-D 2000 - 4000 0.235 85Vp-p/50Vp-p 100Vp-p/60Vp-p 85@3.2KHz@3m/18Vp-p 82@3.2KHz@3m/18Vp-p -40° to +105°C

**Specifications subject to changes**