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 Meltric PN12C 7.5Amp Multipin Series
Inlet (male)

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Meltric PN12C 7.5Amp Multipin Series Inlet (male) photo

PN12C 7.5Amp Multipin Series Acrobat Spec

  • Voltage
    600 VAC Max/130 VDC+

  • Amperage Rating
    5A Current Interrupting
    7.5A Non-Current Interrupting

  • Temperature Range
    Min -40°F/Max 140°F

  • Wiring Capacity
    Min 20 AWG Max 14 AWG

  • Listings
    CSA+, CE*
    * Contact SRI
    + Poly/metal versions only

  • Click on the Part Number for more details or to purchase. For Part with Suffix, View the Option Section at the bottom of the page

    Part Numbers
    Voltage Polarity Mate
    03-A8001 600V
    Other voltage configurations are available - Call toll free - 1-800-356-0259

    Don't forget to add installation accessories to your order which you will see on the detailed page of the link you click on of view this pdf here

    Optional Add-ons
    Inlet OptionsSuffix #
    Reverse Interiors Inlet # - 001
    For complete Options available for this series, Please review the options Pdf here

    Optional Part List
    Click on the Part Number with Option for more details or to purchase. If you do not see the part with the option you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us.
    Part Numbers
    03-A8001-P4 - Call -
    03-A8001-A188-12VDC - Call -
    03-A8001-001 - Call -

    **Specifications subject to changes**
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