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PF plugs and receptacles were engineered for use in high amperage applications that require easy plug insertion. The PF line offers NEMA 4X, IP 67 environmental ratings. It can handle up to 600 amps at a maximum of 1000 volts AC or DC.

Key design features that make PF’s ideal for heavy duty applications such as shipyards, mining platforms, and generating systems include:
• Silver tipped contacts for corrosion resistance
• Self cleaning lateral pressure contact configuration that
• performs in dirty, oily conditions and maintains optimum
• contact pressure even with age.
• Dead front safety shutter which isolates contacts when
• not in use, protecting workers from exposure to live parts.


The PFQ is the newest addition to the PF family. It utilizes the PF’s unique design features, yet it is 12% smaller allowing for further ease of operation at a lower product cost. The PFQ is rated at 300 amps with a maximum capacity of 600 volts AC or DC.

Ratings and certifications

  • PFQ 300A, 600 VAC/DC
  • PF 300A to 600A @ 1,000 VAC/DC
  • UL listed: PFQ 300A @ 600 VAC/DC • PF 300A, 400A @ 600 VAC/DC
  • CE mark available
  • Degree of protection to IP 67 standard, watertight
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocking with the use of 4 pilot contacts mechanically interlocked
  • Pilot contacts and auxiliaries: 8 for PFQ and 4 for PF
  • Safety shutter to isolate contacts when not in use
  • Casings are made of epoxy coated aluminum
  • Silver contacts
  • Pilot contact amperage range: 2A pilot duty • 10A standard duty
  • PF weights: Inlet/Plug 15 lbs., angled handle 15 lbs., receptacle/connector 25 lbs.,
    straight handle 11 lbs., cap (plug/receptacle) 12 lbs., junction box 45 lbs.
  • PFQ weights: Inlet/Plug 9 lbs., angled handle 12 lbs., receptacle/connector 12 lbs.,
    straight handle 10 lbs., cap (plug/receptacle) 3 lbs., junction box 45 lbs.
Note: See Acrobat File links below or call for additional information

These are Acrobat Files For PF/PFQ Series
PF/PFQ Series Part Numbering System
PF/PFQ Series Dimensions

Only few samples of the photographs are available at this time.
Please Click on the Photos below for Part Check in our Database

Please View the Acrobat Files Above for Part Numbers on the Handles, Angle Adapters, Junction Boxes and other Accessories

PF / PFQ Male Inlet photo
Male Inlet

PFQ 300 Amp
PF 300 Amp
PF 400 Amp
PF 600 Amp
PF / PFQ Series Female Receptacle photo
PF / PFQ Series
Female Receptaclex

PFQ 300 Amp
PF 300 Amp
PF 400 Amp
PF 600 Amp

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