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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello SRI-News Readers,

We are celebrating our fifth year of our newsletter publication and to help us celebrate, we are still offering 5% Discount on All NTE Orders Over $25 for the month of May.

This Month's Article - Resistors, They come in all Shapes
and Sizes

We overlook them at times but resistors are the nuts & bolts of any circuit board. As the name implies, resistors reduce (or resist) the flow of electrical current from one region to another. The amount of resistance to the flow of current that a resistor causes depends on the material it is made of as well as its size and shape. With all the resistor manufacturers and types available, it can be difficult to decide which resistor is right for a certain application. This article describes some common resistors, their properties, identification methods, and the applications they are used for. Learn More!

Manufacturer of the Month - Meltric
Meltric offers a broad range of multipin devices for use in a wide variety of control and power applications. Meltric's multipin connectors can replace Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Cinch, and other multipin connector lines. Each multipin device features spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt-style contacts and casings made of fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic polyester, epoxy coated zamak, (a zinc-aluminum alloy) or stainless steel, depending on the model type and size. Products are available with as many as 37
or as few as 4 contacts. Products range from 5A up to 150A and some include load making and breaking capabilities.
  • PN multipin plugs and receptacles are ideal for compact applications in robotics, machine tools, and food processing.
  • DSN multipins are designed for frequent low ampacity connecting and disconnecting applications.
  • DN multipins are excellent for those difficult environments where there is a need for frequent non-load break connecting and disconnecting.
  • DS7 and DR7 multipins are made for the same difficult environments as DN7. As an added feature, they allow customers to add up to 3 pilot contacts.
  • Spring-loaded, butt-style, silver-nickel contacts perform in harsh environments over thousands of operations
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    View Meltric Multipins product Page Click here
    View Meltric product Page Click here
    Request for 2007 Meltric Catalog on CD Click here

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    3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery, 24.5 x 7.7 mm, 950 mAh


    Lead Free Lithium Battery, 3 V, 20.0 x 2.5 mm, 148 mAh Nominal capacity, 3 pin horizontal


    Lead Free SMD Battery Holder for CR2032 coin cell battery


    Lithium (MnO2/Li), 3 V, 24.5 x 5.0 mm, 540 mAh Nominal capacity
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    SRI's Sweepstakes / Emergency Battery Backup Power Supply
    Place an order on the SRI website totaling $50 or more of any products during March, or April, 2007 and you will automatically* be entered in SRI's Sweepstakes! The CyberPower Systems 425SL is the ideal unit for mid-level computer systems. With battery run times up to 22 minutes, this unit really performs. PowerPanel™ power management software is included, making the 425SL a powerful system to safeguard your valuable computer and data. It has built-in connections to protect phone/fax/modem lines too.
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    6 inch Digital Caliper, Accurate to 0.001 in. , Resolution: 0.0005 in. , Metric and SAE digital display


    PIEZO ELECTRICS with internal Circuitry @ 30cm dB, 43.5 x 34.5 mm - 12VDC - 2900Hz


    Female Fully Insulated Disconnects, 16-14 Wire Range, .250 x .032 Mating Tab, UL/CSA Listed
    Per Pack of 1000



    Personal Scope SE, blue LCD, white backlight, down to 0.1mV/div

      Manufacturer News

    The VELBUS series from Velleman is a no-nonsense home automation system, which is easy to install and to maintain, both for the qualified technician as for the DIY enthusiast. The system does not contain any (costly) central unit, which makes it extremely user-friendly, reliable and inexpensive. The VELBUS can be set up and controlled using the classic learning method as well as with a few clicks of the mouse through your computer. The necessary software is available for free.
    • Use your computer to automate lights, air conditioning, window shutters, and more!
    • Handy remote has simple push-button interface.
    • User friendly - PC optional.
    Click here For information on Velbus in PDF file or e-mail us for more information.
    Relay Module
    6 Channel Input Module
    Power Supply
    4 Channel Relay Module

        Featured Vendors


    Sycom is an innovative, North American, developer, and manufacturer of world-class surge suppression devices. Their industry-leading products are widely used in the high technology, communications and electrical industries and by public utilities. Sycom offers a full spectrum of power protection devices that includes Line Interactive UPS systems, hardwire surge protectors, wall mount protectors, outlet strip protectors, and modular to modular protectors.

    - Product Page



    Shelly, Inc.
    SHELLY, INC. was originally established in 1954. Over the years Shelly has developed into its current structure, which was established in 1983. Shelly's primary product line is Liquid Crystal Displays. They also manufacture and distribute control panel components and replacement parts.

    - Product Page



    E-Lab offers a unique integrated circuit design service. They are able, through the development of a specialized program running on a powerful RISC microcontroller, to create IC's tailored to your specifications that will save you time, money, and PCB space. These custom IC's are great for applications such as keypad controllers, LCD controllers, sensor monitoring, etc. - and because they are created via software, they are able to meet your needs both quickly and cost-effectively. Often-times multiple IC's (counters, glue logic, gates, etc.) can be combined into a single IC to simplify existing designs. They can design custom IC's with various two and three wire bus protocols, to create custom interface IC's, or to create nearly any functionality your design requires.

    - Product Page



    Memory Protection
    MPD state-of-the-art battery holders provide for safe, dependable, economical power back-up, without the need for soldering batteries to circuit boards. The MPD concept and designs are unique and have a wide choice of battery holders for low profile coin cells, stacking of coin cells, and single-cylinder cells.

    Memory Protection Devices Product Page


        Products To


    NTE's extensive line of UL & CSA listed relays and accessories feature over 500 universal relays, replacing over 41,142 industry part numbers. Their other products includes semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, flyback transformers, connectors and hook-up wires.

    NTE Electronics
    - Product Page
    - Relay Cross Reference
    - Potentiometers Cross Reference
    - Switches Cross Reference
    -Semiconductors Cross Reference

    NTE Catalogs are available for many of their products. Click here to request for one


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