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 Printed Circuit Board Relays
R20 Series Relay

R24 Series Relay

10 Amp, SPDT Epoxy Sealed Power Relay
  • Epoxy Sealed for Wave Soldering & Cleaning
  • Upright (V Suffix) or Flat-Pack (FP Suffix) Types
  • High Dielectric - 4000VRMS Between Control and Switching Circuits
  • Cut-Off Nib After PCB Washing
  • 94 V-0 Enclosure
  • R25 Series Relay

    10 Amp & 16 Amp PC Mountable Relays
  • Epoxy sealed for wave soldering & cleaning
  • Upright package type
  • Suitable for 5mm grid pattern
  • Immersion proof
  • R40 Series Relay

    High Sensitivity, DIP PC Board Relay
  • Ultra-sensitive coil
  • Epoxy sealed
  • tandard 0.1" DIP terminals
  • FCC Pt.68
  • R46 Series Relay

    2 pole, High Dielectric Polarized PC Board Relay
  • All sealed and resistant to wave soldering & cleaning
  • Low profile
  • ess than 0.53 Cubic Inches
  • R48 Series Relay

    Miniature General Purpose 5 Amp & 10 Amp AC & DC, SPDT Relays for TV Remote Control, Burglar Alarms, Timers, and Garage Door Openers
  • PC mountable
  • Only 1.1 cubic inches
  • Long life
  • R53 Series Relay

    Miniature 30 Amp & 20 Amp Industrial Relays for Automotive Controls, Industrial Timers, and Process Controls
  • PC board mountable
  • Miniature size
  • Epoxy sealed
  • Vented cover - fully enclosed
  • SPST & SPDT versions
  • Cut-off nib for vent hole
  • R72 Series Relay

    Subminiature, DPDT, 1 Amp Relay for Office Automation and Test and Measurement
  • High Sensitivity
  • Small Size
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fully Sealed Construction
  • Latching Type (C-suffix
  • R73 Series Relay

    Subminiature, PC Mount, 10 Amp, SPST-NO & SPDT Relay, for Security and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Epoxy Sealed
  • Standard Pin Spacing
  • Latching Type
  • R74 Series Relay

    Subminiature, PC Mount, 1 Amp, DPDT Low Signal Relay
  • Compact, with Low 5mm (.197") Profile
  • Low Power Consumption (140mW)
  • Standard Pin Spacing (0.1")
  • PC Board Mount
  • Surface Mount ("SM" Suffix)

  • **Specifications subject to changes**
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