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 Power Relays
R04 Series Relay

Heavy Duty, 30 Amp, open frame relays designed for industrial control, high inrush current applications such as motor starting and incandecent lamp loads
  • Screw terminals
  • Long life contacts
  • Molded plastic barrier insulation
  • Molded nylon bobbin coil
  • R18 Series Relay

    Low Cost 20 and 10 Amp Industrial Relay
  • Clear, tough polycarbonate plastic cover
  • Jones plug terminals
  • Suitable for domestic switching of tungsten lamp loads of 1000 Watts @ 120VAC
  • Polarized pin
  • R45 Series Relay

    Industrial, Printed Circuit Mount, SPST and SPDT, 20 Amp and 30 Amp Relays for use in Machinery, major Appliance, and Air Conditioning Controls
  • 1/4" Quick-Connect terminals on top
  • Printed Circuit terminals on bottom
  • Rugged, miniature construction
  • Single-Pole switching
  • Epoxy sealed
  • R54 Series Relay

    10 to 50 Amp Heavy Duty AC or DC Power Relay
  • Industry standard package
  • Quick connect and/or solder terminals
  • 6-32 thd mounting hole + locating pin
  • Long life hinge pin armature
  • RLY16/17 Series Relay

    Heavy Duty, Open Frame, 25 Amp, 4PDT, AC & DC Power Relays
  • Single or Polyphase Service
  • Buzz−Free, Shaded AC Coil
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Arc−Over Barrier Between Each Contact

  • RLY74/75 Series Relay

    Industrial SPDT and DPDT, 20 Amp Power Relays
  • Rated for Locked Rotor Applications
  • Heavy Duty
  • Multicontact
  • .250" (6.35mm) Quick Connect Terminals

  • **Specifications subject to changes**
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