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 Quabbin Wire and Cable CO.

Quabbin Wire & Cable logo Quabbin Wire & Cable manufactures a large variety of low temperature thermoplastic shielded and unshielded cables. These meet or exceed current industry standards for computer, data transmission, instrumentation, and other electronic applications. Quabbin Wire & Cable's end markets includes local area network (LAN) systems, telecommunications DS-1 and DS-3 systems, control and instrumentation systems, process control interconnect, computer peripherals, sound and audio instrumentation, low capacitance data, fire alarm and security systems, custom designed signaling applications Quabbin Wire recently completed an extensive review and conversion of their entire product line so that more than 90% of all cables now comply with European RoHS requirements

 Cables and Wires Products

  • Multiconductor Cables
    - Shielded RS-232, Instrumentation, Control, Audio
    - Double Shielded RS-232, RS-423, CAD/CAM
    - Shielded Communication, Data, Control
    - Unshielded RS-232, Instrumentation, Control, Audio
    - Shielded Power Limited Tray, Process System Interconnect
    - Unshielded Power Limited Tray, Process System Interconnect
    - Unshielded Security, Fire and Alarm, Power Limited Circuit
    - Shielded Fire Alarm, Power Limited Circuit
    - Shielded Miniature Audio, Instrumentation
    - Shielded Audio, Instrumentation
    - Unshielded Audio, Instrumentation, Control
    - Bonded Shield Audio, Instrumentation
    - Unshielded Small Diameter 600V Control
    - Shielded Small Diameter 600V Control

  • Multipair Cables
    - Double Shielded RS-422, Mid Capacitance
    - Shielded RS-232, Audio, Instrumentation
    - Double Shielded RS-232, CAD/CAM
    - Double and Single Shielded RS-232, RS485, Low Capacitance
    - Pairs Shielded Audio, RS-422, Low Capacitance
    - Pairs Shielded 50 Ohm Audio, POS, "Snake" Multichannel
    - Unshielded Control, Audio, Instrumentation
    - Shielded 300V Power Limited Tray
    - Shielded Direct Burial Roadway Loop
    - Pairs Shielded Computer Interconnection

  • Commercial Data Cable
    - Shielded 100 Ohm T-1, DS-1, xDSL
    - Shielded 120 Ohm E-1 75 Ohm DS-3 Coax
    - Shielded IBM Type 6
    - Unshielded Category 3 Patch
    - Unshielded Category 5 Patch, Shielded Category 5 Horizontal
    - Unshielded 2-Pair Patch for 10Base-T, 100Base-T, xDSL, ATM
    - Unshielded and Shielded 4-Pair Cat 5e Patch Tested to 100 MHz
    - Low Smoke Zero Halogen Shielded and Unshielded, 4-Pair Category 5e and 6 Patch
    - Unshielded 100 Ohm Single Pair, Category 5e Cross-Connect, Digital Audio
    - Unshielded 4-Pair Category 5e Patch and Horizontal Tested to 350 MHz
    - Unshielded 4-Pair Category 6 Patch and Horizontal. Patch Tested to 600 MHz
    - Unshielded and Shielded 4-Pair Double Jacketed Augmented Category 6A Patch

  • Industrial Ethernet Cable
    - Industrial Ethernet Background Information
    - Polyurethane Cable Mechanical and Electrical Properties
    - Unshielded 2-Pair and 4-Pair Polyurethane
    - Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Cable Mechanical and Electrical Properties
    - Unshielded 2-Pair and 4-Pair Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

  • Special Construction Cables
    - 2-Pair (1-Pair Shielded) Audio, Communication
    - Double Shielded 78 Ohm Industrial Databus, Audio
    - Pairs and Overall Shielded 2-Pair Audio, Communication
    - Shielded Low Noise Microphone, MIDI

  •  Quabbin Catalog

    Request A Free Quabbin Catalog availabe by DOWNLOADING it as an Acrobat File from our site

     Quabbin Cable Cross Reference Guide

    Cable Cross Reference Guide
    The purpose of the Cross Reference Guide is to assist you in searching for a part on our linecard by the manufacturer which is similar in function to products of other companies. SRI is suggesting the list is not meant to be an EXACT cross to other products. These comparative listings have been checked for accuracy. SRI cannot, however, accept responsibility for changes, typos, errors, or omissions. The products listed as crosses are recommended starting points for searching for an equivalent-part.

    SRI strongly recommends evaluating data sheets of the products you are comparing before purchasing the product. In some instances, the items are not exactly equal. Please note the differences in the specs; such as, ampere ratings, voltage ratings, and physical color when looking for alternates to these products. These products are, in the manufacturer's opinion, similar and can be used for the same purpose.

    If you need assistance in crossing parts, or have other related questions, please call us 1-800-356-0259

    **Specifications subject to changes**

    overstock and special low priced items, prices while supply lasted

    Product Spotlight
    PS-1270-F1 - 7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    $24.44 MORE INFO
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    XY-200GX-20 - Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
    Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
    $30.36 MORE INFO
    More Xytronic

    L-4-18-0-M - Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
    Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
    $27.84 MORE INFO
    More Catamount

    77-4010D12 - Cooling Fan, 12VDC, 40 x 40 x 10mm
    Cooling Fan, 12VDC, 40 x 40 x 10mm
    $25.96 MORE INFO
    More NTE

    PF40 - 1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
    1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
    $2.23 MORE INFO
    More Electronic Devices, Inc (EDI)

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