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 Passive Color LCD Modules

Passive Color LCD Modules Once you select a Model Below, use the Part Numbering System to request a quote.
Color LCD Part Numbering System

Display Format (Char x Line)

Model Number

Outline Dimension (WxH) mm

Viewing Area (WxH) mm

Dot Size (WxH) mm

Dot Pitch (WxH) mm

Driving Method (Duty)



Built-in Controller

Drawing Photo
128x128 SCP12812841 36.1*54.55 29.5*29.2 0.055*0.195 0.07*0.21 1/132 Y No    
320x240 SCP05741 146.50*109.0 119.18*90.38 0.09*0.33 0.12*0.36 1/240 Y No    
320x240 SCP05731 154.6*114.8 118.8*89.38 0.09*0.33 0.12*0.36 1/240 Y No
* compatible

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