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DTK-WH8PLUS - Ditek - Surge Protection (TVSS)  

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Surge Protection (TVSS)

Description: DITEK’s WH8PLUS Whole House surge protection kit is perfect for residential builders and contractors who desire to provide an additional, valuable service to their customers.
- HD3 120/240V Surge Protector - Provides AC protection on your primary electrical service. 125,000 Amps surge current capacity, advanced design, and EMI/RFI filtering provide excellent protection against voltage surges on electrical lines. LED indicators and audible alarm indicate electrical power and TVSS function.
- CM PLUS 120/240V Lightning Arrester - Provides AC protection on your utility power’s line side. Weatherproof housing allows outside installation.
-8FF and 6F AC Plug-in Surge Protectors - Provide AC protection on the “load” or outlet side of your building’s electrical service. The 8FF and 6F provide an essential second layer of surge protection to protect valuable electronic equipment.
- VSP-A2 Dual Coax Surge Protector - Protection for Digital Satellite System or cable TV/Cable Modem feeds. Installed at the first point of entrance, protects all cable runs in a house.
- 2LVLPSCP-RUV Phone Line Surge Protection - Keeps external surges from coming into your building on unshielded telephone company wires. Protects two lines When installed at the first point of entrance, protects all downstream telephone wire runs.
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Ditek Surge Protection (TVSS)

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