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R12-17D3-6P - NTE - Relays  

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Description: Relay-4PDT 6vdc 5amp PC Board Mount Terminals
Weight: 0.092
Suggested Matches: View Possible Socket Matches
Acrobat Specs Sheet: R12-17D3-6P ..
Product/Series Page: Other NTE products of this series

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Quantity Unit Price
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2-9 $10.34
10-24 $9.48
25-99 $8.45
100-249 $8.36
250 +

NTE Relays

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Specs Sheet

Note: This item has a minimum order of 2 pieces!

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Suggested Products:

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SRI is suggesting these comparative listings have been checked for accuracy. SRI cannot, however, accept responsibility for changes, typos, errors, or omissions. These products listed as crosses, matching pairs, or accessories are recommended starting points for searching for an equivalent part.
Relay to Socket Match
  -   NTE Relays
Socket-14 Pin Miniatue 300V 10amp Panel Or Surface Mount With Pressure Clamp Screws
Relay to Socket Match
  -   NTE Relays
Socket-14 Pin Mini Blade 300V 10amp PC Board Mount
Relay to Socket Match
  -   NTE Relays
Socket 14-pin Miniature Panel/din Rail Mount Pressure Clamp Screws Dpdt Or 4PDT
Relay to Socket Match
  -   NTE Relays
Socket 14-pin Mini Blade Panel Mount With Solder Terminals For 4PDT 300V 10amp

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