EDI Bridges & Diodes

Electronic Devices Inc. offers an extensive selection of bridges, low and high voltage rectifiers, high voltage fast recovery diodes, and high voltage assemblies that are available in a wide range of voltage and current ratings, recovery times, case configurations, and terminations. Each is designed with special characteristics to match specific applications. Their bridge rectifiers, diodes, and high voltage assemblies are found in products such as minicomputers, business machines, medical electronics, avionics, communications equipment, consumer electronics, and military electronics..

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Velleman Digital Multimeters 3 1/2 DMM - 23 RANGES / 20A
MPD RA DC molded plug, 24awg wire, 2.1 mm w/ 72" gray leads
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Understanding And Choosing Your Relays
There are literally tens of thousands of relay varieties on the market. Knowing which relay to choose for your application can be critical to its success because each type of relay has its advantages and disadvantages. Designers must consider cost, reliability, durability, rating, voltage, function, size, and number of contacts just to name a few things. In many cases any number of relays can do the job and other times it takes a certain relay. This month's article focuses on the most common relay types: electromechanical, reed, and solid state.

Electromechanical relays
As the name implies, electromechanical relays (EMR) use electricity to move mechanical parts in order to open and close the contacts. In the figure below, an armature is moved by a magnetic field produced by a coil in order to bridge the contacts. EMR's are generally larger and more durable with larger contacts that make them more resistant to electrical surges.

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Nichifu Solderless Terminals

Powersonic SLA Batteries
12 Volts, 7.0 AH, Fast On tab .187 x .032 Terminal

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Charger, Auto Type, Battery Size 12 Volts, 4-12 Amp Cap.

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12 Volt, 6.0 Amp Hour, High-Rate (UPS) Battery

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6 AA battery holder w/ cover & snap-in locking

SKT Series

Plug in 40A automotive relay with dust cover. Sealed, tab mount and PC terminals optional.


Electric AC & DC Buzzers, Piezo Buzzers w/External Drive, w/Self Drive, w/Internal Circuitry, and Surface Mount Piezo Buzzers


Industrial, Printed Circuit Mount relay, 20AMP, SPDT, 24VD


150Watt Replacement soldering iron for LF-3500


APP-001 Auto Cigarette Plug w/5 amp fuse, DC plug and 5 amp fuse


Whole house surge protector 120/240 single phase w/LED

Cooper Wiring Device

2P 3W Ground, Stairght Blade Connector


7 contacts Grey Plug

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