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Ditek Surge Protection DITEK surge protection is a division of the DITEK Corporation. They Manufacture quality surge protection for the most demanding environments. DITEK's product quality does not change by product or price point. The features may change, but quality is consistent. This is our philosophy. From DITEK's top of the line large industrial products to their smallest modular products, quality is the top priority. This top priority is evidenced by the quality recognition DITEK has received from companies like Honeywll, Sprint, Lucent Technologies, Intertel, Panasonic, IBM and Compaq.

 Surge Protection Products

Ditek Surge Protection

Whole House/Office Surge Protection

Whole House / Office Surge Protection

Industrial Surge Protection

Hardwired Industrial Branch Panel Suppressors

Low Voltage Voice/Data Surge Protectors

Low Voltage Voice and Data Surge Protectors

AC Power Surge Protection

AC Power Surge Protection

CCTV & CATV Surge Protection

CCTV & CATV Surge Protection

UPS/Battery Backup

UPS/Battery Backu Protection

Total Surge Solutions

**Specifications subject to changes**

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