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 Information About SRI
The Company's History
We began service in May 1986, in Florida. We were founded on the premise that a distribution company with a limited number of complementary lines could provide the best service to our customers. We accomplish this by providing exceptional inventory levels, product expertise and peace of mind. We may never be the largest, but we will always strive to be the best.

The Company's Quality Statement
Our goal is to be a professional supplier of quality components with the intent of establishing long term partnerships with our customer base. This is achieved by an overall quality system that is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
The Company's Service
We strive to find solutions that provide long term benefits to our most important asset - our customers. In our sales department, for example, you'll find total customer support and satisfaction every step of the way from design through delivery. And, if you have special shipping requirements, we'll customize a delivery system just for you. In addition, we offer such benefits and services as:
  • Battery Assembly
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  • Kitting Components Service
  • Just-In Time Delivery

We also have an extensive line card of world class manufacturers - those who are the leaders in their respective industries. As you can imagine, this technical support is invaluable especially in the design or redesign stage. We encourage samples, and full literature support is always available.

You ask, we respond. It's that simple, that beneficial. Over the years, we've been awarded many times for the way we serve our customers and vendors. To us, this is what business is all about: long term relationships built on service, quality and value.

If all of this sounds like a company you'd like to do business with, please don't hesitate to call us.

We're here to help your business in any way we can.

overstock and special low priced items, prices while supply lasted
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Product Spotlight
BA2032 - Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
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PF40 - 1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
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L-4-18-0-M - Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
$27.84 MORE INFO
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CP1000AVRLCD - 1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
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XY-200GX-30 - Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
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