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Today’s electronics industry requires a diverse line of products for manufacturing, maintenance, and upkeep. The selection of the correct specialty product for a particular application may be a difficult proposition. This product guide provides detailed applications, descriptions and compatibility information for each product. Also, color-coded caps, Black (Industrial) and White (General) are quick indicators for use.

Environmental concerns are one of the leading issues facing the industry today. NTE Electronics, Inc. has set a goal to reduce and/or eliminate ozone depleters from their products while maintaining or improving performance. The inclusion of CFC/HCFC free chemicals is another step closer to that goal.

Whether for electronics manufacturing, maintenance, or upkeep, NTE Electronics, Inc. offers an extensive line of high quality ECG® chemical products and accessories to serve your needs.


  • Circuit Refrigerant 10 oz
  • Jet-Air Duster 10 oz
  • Jet-Air Duster 12 oz
  • HD Cleaning Solvent 20 oz
  • defluxer cleaner 16oz
  • Isopropyl Wipes 100/cont
  • Isopropy Alchol 1 pint
  • Straw Holder
  • Glass/Plastic cleaner 18 oz
  • Flux Remover 4oz w/brush
  • Degreaser/Wash 20 oz
  • Cleaner/Degreaser 16oz
  • Cellulose Wipes 48/pkg
  • Silicone Lub 14oz
  • Label/Adhesive remover pen
  • Label/Adhesive remover 6oz
  • Elect Wash 12.5 oz
  • Contact Cleaner 20 oz
  • Contact Cleaner 16oz
  • HD Flux Remover 20 oz

  • **Specifications subject to changes**

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    Product Spotlight
    PS-1270-F1 - 7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    7.0 AH, 12 Volts Sealed, Lead-acid Battery
    $19.29 MORE INFO
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    S250RA - 0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Alnico, 66 x 21 mm
    0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Alnico, 66 x 21 mm
    $3.51 MORE INFO
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    L-4-18-0-M - Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
    Black 18lb, 4in L x .100in W, 18lb Miniature Cable Tie
    $27.84 MORE INFO
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    G1068 - Grey ABS Utility Box -  3.7
    Grey ABS Utility Box - 3.7" x 1.9" x 1.5"
    $3.40 MORE INFO
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    BA2032 - Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
    Press to Eject Cell Battery Holder that Hold one BR, CR or DL 2032
    $1.24 MORE INFO
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