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XY-LF852D - Xytronic - Soldering Products / Heat Guns  

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Soldering Products / Heat Guns

Description: Xytronic LF-852D, 600 Watt Rework station. Temperature adjustable for removing QFP, SOP, PLCC or SOJ chips, etc. Static Free circuit design - safe for working with CMOs and ICs.
Key Features:
  • Sensor/Pump Failed Detection: If sensor circuit fails,the heater power is shut down
  • Temperature "Lock-Out" Feature: The temperature can be locked with a password code.
  • Auto Cooling Design: When the power switch is off, the cooling system will begin to work automatically, the tempeature falls down to 100c/212f to protect the heating element from burning
  • Quic Heat Up: High power heating element. Momentary power can reach 600W

  • Power Supply 100 ~ 120VAC or 220~240VAC
  • Pump: Diaphram 115V or 120V/ 230V or 240V
  • Air Flow Capacity 1.5L - 40L/Min
  • Heating Element Nichrome ~ 600W
  • Hot Air Temperature 100c-480dc/212f - 896f
  • Dimension 283(W)*120(H)*190(D) mm
  • Acrobat Specs Sheet: XY-LF852D ..

    Price Each

    Quantity Unit Price
    1-4 $512.59
    5-10 $473.16
    11 +

    Xytronic Soldering Products / Heat Guns

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    **Specifications subject to changes**