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 AIM Electronics
Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, AIM Electronics offers a broad line of electronic connectors, adaptors, cable assemblies, and related parts to the commercial, industrial, and consumer electronics markets. Their products used for Computers, Telco, MATV/CATV, Satellite, Audio/Video, Security/Sound, Industrial, Medical, Automation and a wide variety of OEM applications.
Connectors and Adapters Tools and Testers
  •   Accessories
  •   Attenuaters
  •   BNC - 50 Ohm
  •   BNC - 75 Ohm
  •   BNC - 93 Ohm
  •   Din and Mini Din
  •   F Style
  •   IDC
  •   Mini-UHF
  •   Modular Plugs
  •   N-Style
  •   TNC
  •   Twin-Ax
  •   UHF
  •   V.35
  •   Wallplates
  •   Accessories
  •   Crimp Tools and Dies
  •   LAN Testers
  •   Pliers and Cutters
  •   Punch Down Tools
  •   Tool Kits
  •   Wire Strippers
  • MATV/CATV/Satelite D-Sub Components
  •   Accessories
  •   Amplifiers
  •   Cables
  •   Splitters
  •   Switches
  •   Taps
  •   Connectors
  •   Crimp Pins
  •   Hardware
  •   Hoods
  •   Modular Adapters
  •   Wallplates
  • Voice and Data LAN Solutions Computer Cables and Adapters
  •   Accessories
  •   Bulk Cable
  •   Cat3 - Voice
  •   Cat5e - Data
  •   Data Cables
  •   Modular Plugs
  •   Patch Panels
  •   Racks and Shelving
  •   Voice Cables
  •   Wallplates
  •   Adapters
  •   Data Switches
  •   Keyboard/Video/Mouse
  •   Modem/Serial
  •   Printer/Parallel
  •   SCSI
  •   USB
  • Audio, Video and CSS Fiber Optics
  •   A/V Adapters
  •   Connectors
  •   Speaker Wire
  •   Adapters
  •   Cables
  •   Connectors
  • Surge and Power Adapters
  •   Surge Protectors
  •  Aim Electronic Cross Reference Guide
    Choose the manufacturer of your Connectors or Tools from the pulldown menu below to locate a compatible Aim Electronic replacement.
    The purpose of the Cross Reference Guide is to assist you in searching for a part on our linecard by the manufacturer which is similar in function to products of other companies. SRI is suggesting the list is not meant to be an EXACT cross to other products. These comparative listings have been checked for accuracy. SRI cannot, however, accept responsibility for changes, typos, errors, or omissions. The products listed as crosses are recommended starting points for searching for an equivalent-part.

    SRI strongly recommends evaluating data sheets of the products you are comparing before purchasing the product. In some instances, the items are not exactly equal. Please note the differences in the specs; such as, ampere ratings, voltage ratings, and physical color when looking for alternates to these products. These products are, in the manufacturer's opinion, similar and can be used for the same purpose.

    If you need assistance in crossing parts, or have other related questions, please e-mail or call us 1-800-356-0259

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    **Specifications subject to changes**

    overstock and special low priced items, prices while supply lasted

    Product Spotlight
    XY-200GX-30 - Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
    Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
    $30.36 MORE INFO
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    SKTT-1C-12VDC - DPDT 40A 12VDC automobile Relay, cross for VF4-45F11
    DPDT 40A 12VDC automobile Relay, cross for VF4-45F11
    $10.05 MORE INFO
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    NDS-8F - 8 Pin Octal Base Finger Proof Relay Socket
    8 Pin Octal Base Finger Proof Relay Socket
    $5.78 MORE INFO
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    BH325PC - Two AA Size Battery Holders
    Two AA Size Battery Holders
    $0.78 MORE INFO
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    DTK-WH8PLUS - Whole House Surge Protection Kit
    Whole House Surge Protection Kit
    $0.00 MORE INFO
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