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 E-Lab Integrated Circuits
EDE1144 Keypad Encoder IC
The EDE1144 Keypad Encoder IC is designed to interface a matrix-type 4 row x 4 column (16 key or less) keypad to a microcontroller or other host processor. A one-wire serial or four-wire parallel interface returns the keypress data and can be used in conjunction with a 'data valid' signal for polled or interrupt-driven applications. The EDE1144 provides enhanced keypad features such as contact debouncing and key auto-repeat in an easy-to-use package that will lower software overhead in the host microcontroller and reduce the I/O pin requirements from eight to one, frequently resulting in the use of a less costly host microcontroller in your design.

Download the EDE1144 Datasheet (Acrobat PDF).

The EDE1144 requires a 4 MHz Resonator or Crystal to operate. We offer a 4 MHz ceramic resonator with built-in load capacitors. Alternately, you may choose to supply your own crystal.
4 MHz Resonator with internal load capacitors:  $1.50

To Order, Click on your choice:

  • EDE1144/P (DIP Package)
  • EDE1144/SO (SOIC Package)

  • **Specifications subject to changes**
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