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 E-Lab Integrated Circuits
EDE1400 - Serial to Parallel-Printer Converter IC
EDE1401 - Identical to the EDE1400 but with Inverted Serial output
The EDE1400 Serial to Parallel-Printer Converter IC is a 5 volt, 18 pin device designed to allow serial data to be printed on a standard parallel-type printer. This allows the much more common parallel printers to be used in applications using microcontrollers, BASIC Stamps™, etc. where only a serial printer had been considered before. It allows such devices the ability to create hard-copy output of data or status on a standard parallel printer without the intervention of a PC, and without the I/O or timing demands of the printer's parallel interface. Data is written to the EDE1400 over a single serial data wire at 2400 Baud. The EDE1400 generates the appropriate printer control signals as well as monitors the printer status to cause the incoming serial data stream to be printed on the parallel printer. The EDE1400 can also be used with a PC, allowing text to be sent to most printers over a single serial data wire. Hardware flow control is available if the designer chooses to implement it. Connection to most hosts, such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, or stamps, is accomplished using a single data wire without any type of voltage level conversion.

Download the EDE1400 Datasheet (Acrobat PDF).


To Order, Click on your choice:

  • EDE1400/P (DIP Package)
  • EDE1400/SO (SOIC Package)
  • EDE1401/P (DIP Package)
  • EDE1401/SO (SOIC Package)
  • The EDE300 requires a 4 MHz Resonator or Crystal to operate. We offer a 4 MHz ceramic resonator with built-in load capacitors. Alternately, you may choose to supply your own crystal.
    4 MHz Resonator with internal load capacitors:  $1.50

    If your design involves connection of the EDE1400 to a PC, you will need a voltage level converter IC. The TC232CPE, from TelCom Semiconductor, Inc., is functionally identical to the MAX232, requires only +5V to operate, and makes an effective voltage interface between the EDE1400 and a PC.
    TC232CPE Voltage Level Translator with five 10uF Electrolytic Capacitors & datasheet:  $5.00

    Download the TC232 datasheet (Acrobat PDF).

    **Specifications subject to changes**
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