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 Engineer Software Tools
We have gathered several free, demos or shareware software tools that you can download and run on your computer. Some links may take you to a software vendor site to download.
   Aavid engineering program for heat sinks. Just enter thermal characteristics for the semiconductor you are going to cool. You get them from the data books data sheet for the chip you are cooling. Gives you all the thermal information and Aavids part # for heat sink.
Download (3 meg exe file)

   Simple good program to calculate resistor values for transistor class "a" stage amplifier. Also op-amp filters, zener diode dropping resistor, 555 timer, filter cap's plus more.
Freeware Download (295k zip file)

   Great program to simulate battery discharge. Use to determine how long a battery will last on project you built. You must read instruction file to learn how to use it. they are included in zip file.
Freeware Download (464k zip file)

   Great program it will take some time to learn all it's capabilities, it has a lot of features.. First you draw schematic then you can make a printed circuit board pattern using either auto route or manual route. it makes net list and Gerber file for you or just print it out on your printer. fully functional except maximum size is 499 pins (great for any hobby type board) however it can also make boards up to 9999 pins if needed (that's big). QCAD
External Download Link

   Simple but good, dual trace. Real audio oscilloscope, use's your sound card as input
Download (90k zip file)

   Filter design v4. Written by Almost all digital electronics. Does graphic analyses of all kinds on the circuit it designs. It is completely free.
Download (under 12 meg, exe file)

   Print your own graph paper. about 40 types, styles. plain, log, circle, etc etc
Download (384 kb, exe file)

   DipTrace is a complete state-of-the-art PCB Design System. It is an easy to learn user interface that includes PCB Layout, Schematic, Pattern Editor and Component Editor
Limited Freeware Download link

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Product Spotlight
R28-11A10-120K - Time Delay Relay - 10AMP - A/C 120V - 0.1 to 10 sec Delays
Time Delay Relay - 10AMP - A/C 120V - 0.1 to 10 sec Delays
$94.82 MORE INFO
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CP1000AVRLCD - 1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
$137.95 MORE INFO
More Cyber Power System

S250RA - 0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Alnico, 66 x 21 mm
0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Alnico, 66 x 21 mm
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DTK-WH8PLUS - Whole House Surge Protection Kit
Whole House Surge Protection Kit
$770.00 MORE INFO
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XY-200GX-30 - Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
Soldering Iron Nichrome, 30W
$26.40 MORE INFO
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