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Littelfuse is the number one producer of the widest range of miniature, subminiature and surface mount fuses used for the protection of appliances to the most sophisticated electronic equipment. They are leading producer of circuit protection products worldwide and the first U.S. fuse manufacturer to attain ISO 9001 certification for international quality standards. Also Littelfuseis the first circuit protection supplier to comply with the automotive industry's Quality System Requirements QS-9000.

 Littelfuse Products

Fuses Industrial Fuses
Axial/ Radial Fuses

Blade Terminal Fuses

Cartridge Fuses

Surface Mount Products - Call
Class CC Fuses

Class G Fuses

Class J Fuses

Class K5 Fuses

Class L Fuses

Class RK5 Fuses

Class RK1 Fuses

Class T Fuses

Midget / 5AG Fuses

Fuses Holders
Fuse Blocks & Clips

Fuseholders - Call

**Specifications subject to changes**

overstock and special low priced items, prices while supply lasted

Product Spotlight
CP1000AVRLCD - 1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
1000VA / 580W UPS with LCD Status Panel
$137.95 MORE INFO
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S150RLS - 0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Rare Earth, 38 x 8.0 mm
0.2 Watts Round Metal Frame Speaker, Rare Earth, 38 x 8.0 mm
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XY-200GX-20 - Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
Soldering Iron, Nichrome, 25W
$26.40 MORE INFO
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PF40 - 1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
1.5 Amp. Single Phase Bridge 50 Amp. Surge
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DTK-WH8PLUS - Whole House Surge Protection Kit
Whole House Surge Protection Kit
$770.00 MORE INFO
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