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PN’s are compact devices that are designed to connect a mix of low power resistive and inductive loads up to 30 A and 600V. These devices are commonly used for portable equipment.

IP 55 or IP 66 and IP 67, NEMA 4X environmental ratings are available.

High temperature PN’s are suitable for use up to 365° F. Ratings and certifications

  • PN 20 to 30 A, 600 VAC - 250 VDC
  • IEC 60309-1
  • Frequency range 50-400 Hz
  • CE mark available
  • UL listed 1682/1686 (PN Five Pin)
  • IP 44, IP 67, IP 54 rating (PN Five Pin)
  • CSA certified (PN Five Pin)
  • Maximum temperature 170°F ambient (PN Five Pin)
  • 185°C or 365°F ambient (PN High Temperature)
Note: See Acrobat File links below or call for additional information

These are Acrobat Files For DB Series
PN Series Part Numbering System & Accessories
PN Series Dimensions

Only few samples of the photographs are available at this time.
Please Click on the Photos below for Part Check in our Database

Please View the Acrobat Files Above for Part Numbers on the Handles, Angle Adapters, Junction Boxes and other Accessories

PN Series Male Inlet photo
PN Series
Male Inlet

PN 20/30 Amp

PN Metal 20/30 Amp

PNHT 20 Amp

PNHT 30 Amp

PN Series Female Receptacle photo
PN Series
Female Receptacle

PN IP66+IP67 20/30 Amp

PN IP66+IP67 Metal 20/30 Amp

PN IP55 20/30 Amp

PN IP55 Metal 20/30 Amp

PNHT 20 Amp

PNHT 30 Amp

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