Molex/ETE - Solderless Terminals and Quick Disconnects

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 Molex / ETC

Solderless Terminals and Connectors
Molex-ETC provides the highest quality products to serve the needs of manufacturing, the automotive aftermarket, the marine aftermarket, MRO facility needs, and the demands of maintenance and industrial requirements. Molex-ETC solderless terminals and splices are manufactured to the standards of the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA) and meet or exceed the test requirements of American, Canadian and International standards. The plants are located in Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg, Florida.

 Solderless Terminals

Terminals All Weather Heat Sealable
  • Ring Terminals
  • Flanged Spade Terminals
  • Block Spade Terminals
  • Long & Short Snap Spade Terminals
  • Snap Plug & Receptacle
  • 3-Way & 4-Way Connector Terminals
  • Star Ring Terminals
  • Hook Terminals
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals

  • Nylon Splice
  • Ring Terminals
  • Hook Terminals
  • Block Spade Terminals
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • Snap Plug & Receptacle
  • 3-Way Connector Terminals

  • **Specifications subject to changes**

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