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 Midget Ever-Lok Series

Midget Ever-Lok Series
Circuit-Breaking Receptacles, Plugs & Connectors

  • 250-270 Volts A.C. Maximum
  • 250 Volts D.C. Maximum
  • Available in 20 and 15 Amp
  •  Acrobat Files
    Midget Ever-Lok Part Numbering System
    Midget Ever-Lok Dimensions
    Midget Ever-Lok Accessories
    Additional Parts & Specs

    1. Dust-proof-On clamp type plugs and connectors a thick sponge rubber washer is provided in each cap, to be forced over the cord. This serves as a bushing and also as a shield to exclude metal particles, dust, etc., from interiors of plugs and connectors.
    2. Bushing type plugs and connectors are furnished with a gland nut and oil resistant neoprene cord-bushing gland to exclude dust and moisture. A formed friction washer is also provided to facilitate tightening of the gland nut.
    3. Contacts-Precision-made, self-wiping and self-aligning.
    4. Interiors -All interiors of molded arc-resisting composition.
    5. Cord Grip-Plugs and connectors are provided with adjustable cord grips preventing strains on connectors.
    6. Entirely steel-clad - Plated.
    7. Terminals located for most convenient wiring.
    8. Positive Grounding-Casings are positively grounded by means of ground straps made integral with the ground poles, insuring protection of workmen against accidental short circuits.
    9. Equipment grounding is secured by separate set of beryllium contacts, which "make" first and "break" last.
    10. Housings and Interiors are indexed for foolproof assembly.
    11. Polarized to prevent cross connections.

    Some sample of the photographs of this series are shown below.
    For details click the Part Numbering System or Dimension Acrobat File links below
    or call for information.

    Flanged Panel
    Mount Receptacle

    Clamp Type Male Plug

    Clamp Type Female Connector

    Male Flanged Panel Mount Receptacle

    Clamp Type Female Plug

    Clamp Type Male Connector

    Receptacle Only

    Receptacle with Box

    **Specifications subject to changes**
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