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 J Type Series

J Type Series
Circuit-Breaking Receptacles, Plugs & Connectors
  • 600 Volts A.C. Maximum
  • 250 Volts D.C. Maximum
  • JRF Weathertight Construction with Spring-Hinged Flap
  • JRS Waterproof Construction with Screw Cap
  • All J Type can be Reverse Service (Male Plug in Receptacle Housing &
    Female Receptacle in Plug Housing)
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J-Type Overview
J-Type Part Numbering System
J-Type Dimensions
J-Type Accessories
Download the Whole J-Line Section
  1. Complete circuit breaking safety.
  2. Cast aluminum, corrosion resistant copper free alloy housings and enclosures provide light weight and maximum corrosion resistance.
  3. Quick conversion between Weathertight Flap Cover and Waterproof Screw Cap Assemblies. Basic Receptacle Housing accommodates both Covers and is the basic component of all complete units. Either Waterproof or Weathertight Plugs may be used interchangeably.
  4. Two Grounding Arrangements. (Style No. 1 and Style No. 2).
  5. Four Type J Complete Lines. 30, 60, 100 and 200 Amperes 600 Volts, A.C. 250 Volts, D.C.
  6. Flap Cover can be rotated and locked in any convenient position.
  7. Pressure Type Solderless Wiring Terminals.
  8. Silver Plated Contacts.
  9. One-piece Interior Assemblies. For instant interchange from Regular to Reverse Service in the field - with a screwdriver as only needed tool.
  10. Wiring Space. Ample for maximum requirements.
  11. Cable Clamps. Adjustable, for maximum range of cable size. Oil resistant neoprene strain-relief bushing compresses around cable tightly, excluding dust and moisture.
  12. Polarization Provides positive non-interchangeability for different electrical systems.

Only few samples of the photographs are available at this time.
Please Click on the Photos below for Part Check in our Database

JRFA with + 20 deg.
Angle Adapter
and Flap Cover

JRSR with
Straight Adapter
and Screw Cover

JRFE with 20 deg. Angle
Outlet Enclosure
and Flap Cover

JRFB with 30 deg.
Angle Adapter
and Flap Cover

and Screw Cover

JRFX Receptacle for
Panel Mounting
with Flap Cover

Waterproof Plug



Part Numbering System:

J R S X332 K
Series  Receptacle     Construction     See Acrobat
File Above
  See Acrobat
File Above
J R=Receptacle
P = Plug

**Specifications subject to changes**
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