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 Uni-Gard Series

Data-Processing Receptacles, Plugs & Connectors
  • Available Ranges (Amp) - 20, 30 & 60
  • High-Temp Plastic Housings- UL94-VO
  • Single Rated Safety Voltage Polarization- 20A, 30A & /60A

Only few samples of the photographss are available at this time.
Please call or email us for further details of these products.

Download a complete UniGard Catalog in Acrobat File Here (3 mb size)




30 Amp Plug
30 Amp Connectors
30 Amp Receptacle
30 Amp Inlet
60 Amp Plug
60 Amp Connectors
60 Amp Receptacle
60 Amp Inlet
100 Amp Plug
100 Amp Connectors
100 Amp Receptacle
100 Amp Inlet
International Amperage
16 Amp Plug
16 Amp Connectors
16 Amp Receptacle
16 Amp Inlet
32 Amp Plug
32 Amp Connectors
32 Amp Receptacle
32 Amp Inlet
63 Amp Plug
63 Amp Connectors
63 Amp Receptacle
63 Amp Inlet
125 Amp Plug
125 Amp Connectors
125 Amp Receptacle
125 Amp Inlet

**Specifications subject to changes**
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