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XY-510JTIPKIT - Xytronic - Soldering Accessories  

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Soldering Accessories

Description: 9 Piece XYtronic 510 Premium J Series Soldering Tip Kit to include Ceramic soldering tips. Compare the XYtronic to the Hakko 900-m series. This kit contains a 9 piece kit that should cover any soldering applications you may have. Tips included: 44-510601JP/XYB01JP, 44-510602JP/XYB02JP, 44-510603JP/XYB03JP, 44-510604JP/XYB04JP, 44-510605JP/XYB05JP, 44-510606JP/XYB06JP, 44-510610JP/XYB10JP, 44-510611JP/XYB11JP, 44-510630JP/XYB30JP
for LF-369D, LF-1600, LF-1680, 136, 136ESD,137ESD, 379, 456DLX, 988, 252, 253, 107, 107ESD, 108ESD, 106U
Acrobat Specs Sheet: XY-510JTIPKIT ..

Xytronic Soldering Accessories

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    **Specifications subject to changes**