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 Office Power 585AVR





Save Your System! Save Your Data! Step Up to CyberPower!
The CyberPower Systems 585AVR is designed for mid-level computer systems. This unit has battery run-times up to 21 minutes and 6 transformer spaced outlets. With built in phone/fax/modem protection, and PowerPanel™ software  included in the box (a $29.95 value), this unit provides total protection at a great price!
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    Battery Run-times from 14 to 21 minutes
    PowerPanel™ Software Included in the box
    Compact design with extended outlets to accommodate transformer block adapters
    All outlets are surge-protected and designed for AC Adapters
    $125,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  Internet-ready: 2-line phone / fax / modem protection

 Battery Back-up Systems
  The CyberPower 585AVR not only guards against surges, spikes, sags, brownouts and other power abnormalities, but also protects your computer system and valuable data during a power outage. PowerPanel™ Software is included with each model. In the event of a power outage, PowerPanel™ Software automatically saves and closes open files and then shuts down the computer system in an intelligent and orderly manner.

  - Battery Power-Supplied Outlets
- Full-Time surge Protection Outlets
- Power Switch
- Power On Indicator
- Site Wiring Fault Indicator
- Circuit Breaker
- Serial Port to PC
- 1 In 2 Out Phone/Fax/Modem Communication ProtectionPorts

 PowerPanel Plus "! Software

click here to learn more
" Saves your open files and automatically shuts down your computer when power is lost.
" Allows for user-defined scheduled shutdown of computer system.



Model 585AVR
VA Rating




Input Voltage on Utility

85V to 150V

Frequency on Utility

57Hz to 63Hz

Output Voltage on Battery
120V +/- 5%
Frequency on Battery
60 Hz
Surge Energy Capacity
600 Joules
Maximum Surge Current
36,000 Amps
Overload Protection

Internal circuitry limiting. On-line circuit breaker

Battery Run-time

20 - 45 minutes

Typical Battery Recharge Time

8 hours

Total number of receptacles

3 battery / surge, 3 full time surge-only

Visual Indicators

Power On/Off, Site Wiring Fault

Audible Indicators

Battery on, Low battery, UPS overload


Limited 3 Year Warranty on UPS unit and battery

Conformance Approvals

UL 1778, cUL, FCC Doc Class B

Included Software

PowerPanel™ Power Management Softwaree

Connected Equip. Guarantee


Unit Dimensions
Length 9 7/8"    Width 6 3/16"   Height 3 1/8"

**Specifications subject to changes**