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Food / Beverage

Meltric Decontactor™ Series Plugs, Receptacles and Electrical Connectors...
Ideally Suited for the Food and Beverage Industry
Decontactors are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. Using Meltric Decontactors to connect motors and other electrical equipment instead of hard-wiring can dramatically reduce equipment change-out related downtime. Due to their switch ratings, Decontactors allow users to safely and easily make and break electrical connections under full load, even in wet, and highly corrosive conditions. This eliminates the need for expensive interlocks and auxiliary disconnect switches. Meltric Decontactors improve safety while saving users both time and money.
Portable pump connection
at a beverage plant
Connecting portable
and stationary equipment
meat processing
Crystallizer motor connection Sugar
Cane Growers Cooperative, Florida
Reduce Downtime
Decontactors reduce downtime related to electrical equipment change-outs. When Decontactors are used in lieu of hard-wiring, a mechanic can change out a motor safely and efficiently. A conveyor line or a process pump can be up and running in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of hours. Production halts are minimized and rewiring errors are virtually eliminated.
Ensure Safety for Maintenance Personnel
Decontactor safety features include: dead front construction, enclosed arc chambers, silver-nickel
butt-style pressure contacts, and short circuit make and withstand ratings of 10kA. These features ensure safety by preventing access to live parts, by providing a superior electrical connection that does not deteriorate with wear or oxidation, and by allowing users to safely make & break connections - even during wet or overload conditions.
Provide Watertight, Durable Connections
Decontactors provide safe, durable electrical connections - even in washdown environments. Rated watertightness up to NEMA 4X is achieved
as soon as the plug mates with the receptacle
(DS & DSN models). A Decontactor's coil spring-loaded silver-nickel contacts offer superior electrical performance that does not deteriorate with wear or oxidation, unlike competitors' brass pin & sleeve contacts.
Simplify Code Compliance
Decontactors provide food and beverage factories with a simple and cost-effective means of achieving code compliance. A Decontactor's switch rating allows it to perform as the NEC required 'line of sight' disconnect - the need and expense of a separate disconnect switch is eliminated Decontactors also help facilities comply to NFPA 70E requirements. A Decontactor's dead front construction prevents worker exposure to live parts. As a result, qualified mechanics can change out a mtor without needing PPE.
Allow Easy Production Line Reconfigurations
Decontactors allow conveyor motors and other electrical equipment to be safely connected or disconnected with plug and play simplicity. Reconfigurations of production lines are simplified when Decontactors are used to create a modular system. Time spent performing electrical work is minimized.
Facilitate Quick Disconnection & Reconnection
Decontactors allow easy disconnection, even by operators with gloves on. Simply press the latch to break the load and, if desired, lightly twist the plug to remove it. Alternatively, the plug can remain in the receptacle to keep it conveniently out of the way. By contrast, pin and sleeve or twist type connections require much greater force to remove the plug and once the plug is removed it often must be laid down on the floor, creating unnecessary clutter.

**Specifications subject to changes**

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