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 Meltric Application Example

[ Aerospace & Defense Industries ]  [ Construction Industry ]
[ Entertainment & Recreation Industry ]  [ Food & Beverage Industry ]
[ Forest Industry ]  [ General Industrial ]  [ Health Care-Pharmaceutical Industries ]
[ Marine ]  [ Metals, Chemical & Petrochemicals Industries ]  [ Mining-Aggregates Industry ]
[ Transporttation Industry ]  [ Water Treatment Industry ]  [ Other Miscellaneous ]


Meltric products are well suited to the automobile, air, road and rail industries.
  •   Dead front construction assures user safety by eliminating the possibility of access to live parts.
  •   Switch ratings allow a mechanic to make and break electrical connections. Motors can be serviced without needing an electrician to perform hard wiring on site. Minimizes motor change-out related downtime costs.
  •   Butt-style pressure contacts provide constant pressure and performance over thousands of operations. The solid silver nickel tips are unaffected by wear. 
  •   Neoprene handles adapt to festoon cables for exhibition centers.
    Common applications include portable equipment, power distribution, production lines and heavy machinery.

    Ground power for aircraft
    Mobile power distribution< units
    DS 200 amp connects a mobile cleaning equipment in a paint shop
    DS’s provide inter-coach connection on a train
    DS’s provide power to
    coach cleaning equipment
    DS’s used for electrical connections
    on an auto industry production line

    **Specifications subject to changes**

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