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 Meltric Application Example

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Mining / Aggregates Industry

Meltric plugs and receptacles are designed with many unique features that provide superior performance in the harsh environments common in mining, quarry and other aggregate processing industries.  Spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt-style contacts and rugged rain-tight enclosures allow Meltric devices to withstand wet and dusty conditions. Dead front construction, enclosed arc chambers, and short circuit ratings ensure worker safety and eliminate exposure to live parts and arc flashes.  Switch ratings allow Decontactor products to be used as ‘line of sight’ disconnect switches, allow users to safely make and break electrical connections under full load, and provide plug & play simplicity enabling faster and safer equipment change-outs or reconfigurations. 

Power connections
to a marble cutter
Mobile generator at salt mine
Mobile power distribution panel
DS, DSN & DB Switch Rated Decontactors
Decontactors are a combination switch and plug and receptacle in the same device and are ideal for connecting motors and other equipment. They provide plug & play simplicity and can eliminate the need for auxiliary disconnect switches and mechanical interlocks.

 20 – 200A
 Up to NEMA 4X, IP67
 Up to 5 auxiliary contacts

PF & PFQ High Amperage Connectors

PF and PFQ devices offer safe and easy connections for high amperage equipment. Self-cleaning silver contacts engage with a lateral motion, requiring far less insertion force than competitive products.  Pilot contacts are provided for control circuits to ensure that the phase contacts are properly mated and locked before energization.

 300 – 600A
 Up to 8 auxiliary contacts

Multipin Connectors

Multipin devices provide plug & play simplicity for control and power applications. Control wires for multiple process control parameters can conveniently be wired through the same connector, facilitating quick servicing and eliminating rewiring errors.

5 – 150A
Up to NEMA 4X, IP67
Up to 37 contacts

Application Spotlights
Power Distribution
Meltric plugs and receptacles offer superior durability and are better suited for use in dusty and dirty environments than are pin and sleeve devices.  Meltric’s butt-style contacts close with a self-cleaning wiping motion, their heavy spring loading ensures optimal contact force and silver-nickel contacts withstand heat, oxidation and arcing. All together, these features ensure that a quality electrical connection is maintained over
thousands of operations
  200A DS2's distribute power from portable generators to a power distribution panel (pictured) and then to conveyors and other electrical equipment. A DSN24 Multipin connector (left of panel) provides control wire connections to the PLC cabinet in a single convenient connector.
Conveyor Connections
Meltric’s switch rated plugs and receptacles provide a convenient ‘line of sight’ disconnect and allow non- electrical workers to safely make and break electrical connections under full load; up to 60 horsepower or up to 200A. The design of the product ensures that the plug contacts are dead before the user can remove the plug from the receptacle. When disconnected, the dead front prevents unintended exposure to live parts. Equipment servicing and/or reconfigurations can be performed quickly and with complete electrical safety.
100A DS9's connect
motors along a conveyor.
Pump Power Supply
Meltric offers plugs and receptacles with ratings up to NEMA 4X or IP66/67.  DS Series Decontactors are rainproof NEMA 3R rated devices, while the DSN Series is NEMA 4X and IP 66/67 rated for even harsher environments. Both achieve their rated watertightness simply by mating the plug with the receptacle. In contrast, many competitive pin and sleeve devices also require the tightening of an additional plastic ring to achieve their rated watertightness.
  A 200A, NEMA 3R rated DS Series Decontactor connects power to a float pump via a direct mounting configuration. When required, the DS receptacle is disconnected and the pump is easily relocated to another retention pond.
Motor Control Center Connections
Meltric plugs and receptacles are available in a wide variety of configurations. Optional accessories are available that allow them to be mounted on walls, boxes, panels or equipment. They can also be used
as in-line connectors. Numerous handle options are available to support different application needs and third party cord grips can be provided for flexible
conduit or suspended connections. Other accessories include emergency stop and padlockable pawls, protective caps, auxiliary switches, normally closed lids, closing mechanisms and more.
  In-line connections are preferred at this quarry to solve a mounting space problem.
Process Equipment Connections
Decontactor Series plugs and receptacles allow users to safely and routinely make and break connections under full load.  Their superior contact technology provides load break capabilities for thousands of operations. In addition, Decontactors have enclosed arc chambers and short circuit make and withstand ratings of at least 10kA. With these features, arcing is safely contained within the device and user safety is ensured, even during insertion under overload conditions.
  DS6 equipped power cables provide a safe and convenient means of routinely making and breaking power supply connections as required while this concrete floor panel forming machine moves along the production line.
Power Supply to Heavy Duty Machinery
In designing its products, Meltric uses rugged casing materials, stainless steel hardware and silver-nickel contact surfaces to ensure durability, corrosion resist- ance and long operating lives. For example, the silver- nickel contacts withstand wear and maintain excellent conductivity even when oxidized.  Silver-nickel only welds at extremely high temperature and pressure, and thus, also withstands arcs very well.  In contrast, competitors brass contacts are not arc resistant and, as shown in the chart above, their electrical performance degrades rapidly with oxidation.
  Meltric DS devices supply power to large cutting machines at a marble quarry. DS's are UL and CSA switch rated, allowing them to function as a 'line of sight' disconnect.
High Hp Motor Connections
Meltric’s PF Series plugs and receptacles were
specifically engineered for use in high amperage
applications and can handle loads up to 600A.  They have large and robust solid silver contacts that close with a lateral wiping motion, providing a self-cleaning action and an optimal connection. PF’s are encased
in rugged, epoxy coated aluminum housings and include a mechanical locking feature, which ensures watertightness, prevents accidental disconnection, and controls the four auxiliary pilot contacts that are
provided as standard.
  Power to a 500 horsepower crusher motor is supplied by parallel phasing of two
400A PF plugs and receptacles
Control Wire Connections
Meltric’s Multipin plugs, receptacles and connectors are ideal for equipment requiring multiple control wire connections.  Plant operators can easily control screens, conveyors, feeders or other equipment while working in a remote location. Their remote motor control centers can be relocated and reconnected with plug & play simplicity, eliminating the re-wiring errors that are common in hard-wired installations.
  This remote motor control center can be relocated simply by disconnecting and reconnecting its DN20 Multipin connector.

**Specifications subject to changes**

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